Baby Bar Grand Opening Contest 2011

Baby Bar Grand Opening Contest

To celebrate grand opening of BABY BAR and coming soon Chinese Lunar Year on February 3rd, 2011 and also Valentine day on February 14th, 2011, Baby Bar presents a GRAND OPENING CONTEST for everyone. Winners of contest will receive big prizes from Baby Bar.

How to participate in "Baby Bar Grand Opening Contest"?
1) First of all check out our page at Baby Bar --->
Then please tick "Like" button on the page.

2) Please send a picture of your happy and healthy family to our email In your email, please state your family members' name who appear in the photograph and your address.
[For example, Hellen Smith from North Jakarta Indonesia (Jakut Indonesia),
names of photo members
Dad: Calvin Smith
Mom: Hellen Smith
Kid: Zoe Smith (age: 12months)
* Jika member dalam foto hanya 1 orang makan hanya perlu sebutkan nama member yang dalam foto dan nama pengirim saja.].
We will inform whether the photograph is qualified or not for the contest by email. And once your picture is qualified, we will upload into our photo album "Baby Grand Opening Contest 2011" (Please only send 1 best photograph)

3) To win the contest you need as many fans as possible, therefore, get all your friends and relatives to vote your photograph

4) To enter your votes for this contest, please "Like" this Baby Bar page, then go into the photo albums "Baby Bar Grand Opening Contest 2011" (or view from the Wall post here) and click "Like" for the photo you are voting for. (*note: you can give 1 vote for your own photo) But you can get as many friends to vote for your photograph.

5) You can also click "Share" to post the contest entry onto your own Facebook Profile to gather more votes. Just message that your friends have to "Like" this Baby Bar page and come to the album here to vote. If they click "Like" in your Profile Wall post, we are unable to view and count the votes if we are not Friends in Facebook. Also, administratively it's easier to consolidate all the votes in the same album for all to view transparently.

6) This contest will be held from 21st January 2011 until 12th February 2011

7) The winners of the contest would be the person who get most votes

8) Baby Bar will announce winners of the contest by 15th February 2011

9) Winners will receive big prizes from Baby Bar and many more Baby Bar gifts are prepared for lucky participants.

Other details:
Some people would confuse what is Baby Bar Grand Opening contest?
If you have a fabulous picture of your happy and healthy family, just send it to our email
The photograph would be such as;
1) Picture of happy and healthy baby
2) Picture of happy expecting moms (pregnant mommies)
3) Picture of healthy activities, such as; enjoying healthy meals, family picnic and etc
4) Picture of happy moment with family and friends

Baby Bar is healthy, fresh, organic and homemade baby foods, who support most healthy living in everyone's family.


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